single ~ 2 october
It's been nearly a year since their spectacular debut single Run & Hide. And now, Dumfries band The Lutras return to deliver a second course - Vari.
It's a powerful, confident, but sensitive track written and performed by four musicians, hardened by three years of relentless writing and gigging, eager to spread their infectious blend of classic rock and modern indie to anyone and everyone. At the time of writing Vari has amassed over 3000 Spotify streams, lifting the band to a new level of popularity within the music industry, and gaining a Radio X #trackoftheweek courtesy of This Feeling
The single arrives ahead of their UK tour, the band stopping by Leicester, Manchester, London, and Edinburgh this November
Exciting times indeed for one Scotland’s most promising new talents.
‘Vari’ opens with thumping Guitar chords and a delicious lick, leading us into singer Ben Clements' tale of a past relationship. His smooth yet raspy tone delivers a perfect mix of direct and ambiguous lyrics in the verse, boosted by delightful harmonies on the lines “if you’re thinking of me” and “oh I wonder why”. Momentum builds with a terrific pre-chorus, highlighting the technical ability of drummer Finlay Maxwell and the songwriting skills of the four-piece. Then comes the chorus, so good it’ll stick in your head at the first listen.
“I think of Vari, making her happy, today. ‘Y’know we talk about Jenny, there’s too many, girls that I fall in love with everyday”.
The song continues to build courtesy of a trusted formula and clever work from Thomas Gillan and Danny Heron on guitar and bass. No unnecessary solos. No overplaying. The song itself, not the individual, is the focus.
Fast forward to the bridge (“and if we talk about the things you like, we can talk about it in your bedroom”), and a driving riff maintains the relentless energy. We are treated to another round of the chorus before ‘Vari’ concludes with Clements and an acoustic guitar, stripping the song back to its bare bones and exposing the raw beginnings of a timeless track.
by Sam Solley