RAMES - SHE'S GOLD (single)
When we discovered Cambridge indie-pop band RAMES we wondered about the correct pronunciation of their name. Luckily, the band were quick to put us on the right road. “The name? Oh yeah, it rhymes with James. You know, after the actor Ving Rhames” Errr… right, we thought to ourselves - perhaps best not to delve any deeper down that little rabbit hole!
How do I love thee﹖ Let me count the ways…
“This song’s about our singer’s girlfriend - she’s gold.” Well, that’s all very lovely of course - and, it being the case, certainly paints a more flattering picture of her than their last single ‘She’s Easy For You’ would have done. Incidentally, that particular song found itself getting a nice little ‘single of the week’ badge from redtop The Sunday Mirror. ‘Indie pop that’s sure to put a smile on your face’ said the man in the mirror.
So, this is RAMES sophomore single and we think it's good enough to jump-start your summer, with its sun-drenched lofi surf-pop vibe, and an iconic guitar riff that tips a wink towards that 90's song by The Rembrandts (from the sitcom Friends) the one that’s as bouncy as a pogo stick!
But then, almost as soon as you’ve got your ten toes in tv land, there’s a curve-ball to catch. Instead of that bright, poppy, in your face vocal that you’re entitled to - you’re served some dreamily seductive, almost languorous lyrics that, with reverb as high as a hilltop and presence knocked back to next week, get a little gritty and grungy. Now, the producer of this track has previously worked with top band The Blinders- so we can perhaps see where the inspiration is coming from.
The end result though, is a melodic hybrid of a dream-pop, surf-pop song, with gentle, hazy tones, a catchy chorus, and an overall summertime-feel-good factor. So go ahead - stick it where the sun shines… on your summer soundtrack!
Luxurious, smartly understated pop - think Vistas, SPINN, and The Night Cafe.
Alan, Oli, Joe, and Fin say this is the song they always finish their live sets with, no doubt leaving their fans blissed out and bonkers for more.
RAMES are…
Alan Li - vocals, guitar
Oliver Zanetti - guitar
Joe Bedford - bass
Fin Dudley - drums
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